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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. Can I get multiple Tuffy items keyed alike?

A. Tuffy sells additional locks which can be used to key all of your items alike, regardless of the type of Tuffy lock.

Q. How can I get additional keys?

A. Additional keys can be purchased directly from Tuffy. We will need to know the number that is stamped on your keys and a fax or e-mail copy of the existing key.

Q. What is Tuffy's return policy?

A. If you are not completely satisfied with your Tuffy product call for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) within 10 days of receiving the item. The item must have been purchased directly from Tuffy and all returns require the original invoice. Repackaging instructions will be given at the time the RMA is given.

Q. Do I have to buy direct from Tuffy or do you have distributors?

A. You can purchase directly from Tuffy at the listed retail price or you can visit the dealer locator page on our website and find a distributor near you. Search Retail and Upfitter Locations.

Q. Can Tuffy build a custom box to fit my vehicle?

A. Tuffy can build custom boxes in quantities, however, due to the expense of reprogramming our computerized machinery, single custom boxes are generally too costly to produce.  If you are looking for multiple units please call for a quote.

Console Questions

Q. What is the difference between the Series II Console and the Deluxe Stereo Console?

A. The Deluxe Stereo Console has a separate front compartment where a stereo or CB can be permanently mounted. The Series II Console has one storage compartment and does not include provisions to mount a stereo or CB.

Q. What angle does the stereo mount at in the Deluxe Stereo Console?

A. The stereo is mounted at a 66 degree angle in all of the Stereo Consoles except the TJ models where the stereo is mounted straight up and down.

Q. Can I mount a CD player in the Deluxe Stereo Console?

A. Our experience has been that most quality CD players will work fine in the console, however some stereo manufacturers and installers advise against mounting at an angle. Check with the manufacturer of your specific brand.

Q. Do I have to drill holes in my floor for installation of a Tuffy console?

A. Drilling is required in some consoles but not in others.  Installation instructions are available for each part on the Tuffy website.  Simply refer to the instructions for your specific console.

Questions about Underseat Drawers

Q. Can I install an Underseat Drawer in my 2004-2006 Wrangler Unlimited (LJ)?

A. Due to the very unique seat mounting brackets, the Underseat Drawers cannot be installed.

Q. Will my seat still fold and tumble with the Underseat Drawer?

A. The Underseat Drawer is designed so that fold and tumble seats will still work normally.

Q. Will the height of my seat be affected by installing the Underseat Drawer?

A. In Jeep CJ's and YJ's the rear seat is raised slightly (about 2"). In Jeep TJ's the rear seat is raised about 3 1/2".

Questions about Overhead Consoles

Q. What is the best way to route the electronics wires in my Overhead Console?

A. It is ultimately your decision whether to route the wiring along the front windshield or through the back of the console and down the roll bar.  Tuffy has built several features into the Overhead Consoles to allow you to do either.

Q. Why won't the Dual Compartment Console fit my 2003+ Jeep Wrangler?

A. Starting with the 2003 model year, Jeep made changes to the mounting area on the windshield and the mounting area on the roll bar that does not allow a direct fit of the Dual Compartment Console.  Fortunately, the Single Compartment Console will fit just fine.